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Culture of Wickedness

It’s a tragic reality: we live in a culture of wickedness. This culture is so pervasive that it regularly chews up and mangles deluded souls beyond any moral recognition, spitting them out to wander in confusion through an ocean of broken hearts.

It’s a problem: we live in the wickedness. Things we ought to shun seem normal. We’ve become used to things the Bible clearly paints as wicked, and accepting of the idea that the worst taboo is to disapprove of somebody else’s lifestyle.

It’s a truth: we live hurt by the wickedness. The truth that we are far from OK hits our hearts with a spotlight. Even if we have walked a “straight path” individually, the spotlight shows the countless tragedies of broken lives, especially those near to us.

All this directly results from unmooring our American culture from any solid moral dock. But why doesn’t it bother us more? People all around are stumbling blindly down the slippery slope to hell, through a cultural debris field of ruined relationships and painful lives.

This reality ought to…

  • upset us way more than it does. It ought to make us angry.
  • drive us to our knees in prayer and repentance, both for our own sins and to seek God’s mercy on our wicked culture.
  • galvanize us into action, motivate us to live quiet and godly lives, and throw out the filth we accept as part of us.
  • give us the backbone to stand with God. We must stand against destructive lifestyles, hold the line, stop blindly accepting what’s expedient or culturally appropriate. Say once more, “let God be right though every man were a liar” (Rom 3:4).
  • remind us of our need for chivalry (Christian servanthood) today.

Friends, this may see depressing and overwhelming… But do not despair. We are not lost without an anchor! We have the sure and clear truth of God’s Word to direct our lives, and God Himself as the summum bonum (the absolute greatest good). It’s time to arise, reject the wicked parts of a careening culture, and reshape our lives back into righteous molds.

God, wake us up!

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