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Tangled Eons Series

The Tangled Eons is a world with time travel and thus far follows the adventures of Dr. Calvin Schmitt, a veterinarian going back into history with a machine gun to fight terrorists.

  1. Crescent Tides, an alternate history which takes place in 1571 Lepanto and Rome.
  2. Fatal Fogs, a historical fiction mystery set in Dickensian London.
  3. “Codename Plaid Dawn”: The next (and final??) installment finds the world in chaos as time is changed willy-nilly and those living in the present find themselves in peril. The US is overrun by invaders as governments topple and borders change. Can Cal save the world with the help of the Supinator?

The Stalwart Supinator is a stand-alone story taking place in the Tangled Eons world. While it is not necessary to read Supinator to read the series, or vice versa, the enjoyment of both is enhanced if you do so – don’t miss the crossing characters and events as well as bits of Easter eggs!

Recommended reading order:
1. Crescent Tides
2. The Stalwart Supinator
3. Fatal Fogs