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Chivalry Studies

I have studied and written on medieval times and chivalry for 20 years now. It’s thrilling to me to introduce historical concepts of chivalry and bring its modern applications in studies for children and adults.

These are combination character and history school study. They contain coloring pages, puzzles, projects, information, memory verses, and more.

Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time is for high school students, though a good read for an interested adult. Enough study and activities are incorporated to give a half or full credit for medieval history. Read the full description and access additional resource material if you already own the book.

Chivalry: A Study for Little Knights is an elementary study best for ages 6-12 (depending on the child’s comprehension level). See the full description, preview chapters, and additional resource material if you already own the book.

“Chivalry is a thrilling journey into the wild unknowns of giving up oneself for Christ’s mission on earth.” 

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