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Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time

Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time

A unique character and Medieval history study

Designed to work through for high school credit. 25 lessons cover fascinating readings, insightful study questions, fun quests, writing projects, memory verses, inspirational quotes, and more. This challenging study is designed to teach yet also inspire a real-life adventure of chivalric Christian servanthood. High school to adult.

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About the Book

We seldom think about chivalry today, and when we do, it seems only a relic of the dusty past. But what did chivalry mean originally? And what would it look like today if we brought that original chivalry into our 21st century lives?

Chivalry: An Ancient Code for Our Time is an engaging study for high school students to adults that will introduce the reader to “ancient code chivalry,” that original manly credo invented to transform rough warriors into Christian heroes. This comprehensive study has 25 lessons, each of which includes thought-provoking reading, study questions, challenging quests (such as building a catapult), writing projects, memory verses, quotes to ponder, and more. This study offers distinctive perspectives on chivalry and its impact on the world throughout history while focusing on the application of living as a chivalrous Christian today. It is designed to teach, yet also to inspire you to the real-life adventure of Christian servanthood.

If you can learn to live the Ten Commandments of Chivalry found in these pages, you’ll be sharing in the same great quests of the best knightly heroes of a bygone age. But be careful! Chivalry is not a code you can smile about and set aside. It will change you.

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Genres: Character Study, Chivalry, History Study
Publisher: Post Tenebras Lux Books
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1733910506
ISBN: 9781733910507