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Chivalry: A Study for Little Knights

Chivalry: A Study for Little Knights

A unique character and history study, combined with a fun story

Designed to work through with your student over 22 lessons. Story chapters alternate with practical lessons and include fun activities to keep the student’s attention. Follow the adventures of Guibert of Ghent as he learns about knighthood, and teach your child how to apply chivalric Christian principles to their life today. Elementary ages.

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About the Book

Guibert of Ghent is only 7 years old when he arrives at his uncle’s castle to become a knight and study chivalry. But learning the Ancient Code of Chivalry turns out to be a much harder and much more exciting lesson than he ever expected! Guibert’s study of chivalry leads him into adventures involving a deadly encounter with wolves, helping a lady in distress, finding new friends and new enemies, fighting a nefarious political plot against his home, helping in a desperate woodland battle, and solving a mystery with roots stretching into the era of his Viking great-grandparents.

Follow Guibert’s adventures through the Ten Commandments of Chivalry in this character study of 22 lessons for your little knights. A story lesson alternates with a practical lesson about the specific commandment Guibert is learning, applying Christian principles to everyday situations. The lessons also contain questions to think about, memory verses, reproducible coloring pages, puzzles, crafts, and practical activities to make learning chivalry even more fun!

Chivalry is still very much alive today. And that’s because it is essentially a list of qualities to help people be better servants to God and their fellow man. It is codified Christian servanthood. It speaks into our broken, modern age in incredibly relevant ways, and it can help your child build a strong foundation for a vibrant life of Christian faithfulness. Those bold boys and girls who set off on the path of Ancient Code Chivalry will find a challenge: but they’ll find it the path of real, Christian adventure, a path they’ll never want to turn back from!

Access additional resource material for the book – find the password in the introduction to your copy of the book.

Genres: Character Study, Chivalry, History Study
Publisher: Post Tenebras Lux Books
Publication Year: 2019
ASIN: 1733910514
ISBN: 9781733910514