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Veterinarian Books

If you see me at a convention you’ll remember me as the knight in armor. However, when not in armor I am a veterinarian. (You might also have come across me when performing stuffed animal surgery on Stanley Oliver Organs for the children.)

Meet the Fuzzy Logic series! These my books for those interested in veterinary studies, mysteries, and logic. Included are real animal cases like I see at the vet clinic, combined with logic methods. Keep your eye on the pet owners for a mystery involving some of them.

I’ve also enjoyed writing and drawing canine and feline anatomy coloring and activity books. They are available for purchase and download at our online store. Download a few pages of the canine anatomy book for free.

My newest veterinary resource dives into Christian aspects of veterinary medicine: the history, theology, philosophy, and my own thoughts on the current issues facing Christian vets in the modern culture. Just 100 pages long, it’s worth a read if you have a family member interested in the vet field, or just want to know more about Christians and animals.

In an age of confusion about how we should relate to animals, this little book offers refreshing clarity. Whether you’re a future veterinarian or just want to know more about the theology of human-animal relations, this book is for you! Explore the history of veterinary medicine and how it was influenced by Christians, as well as into what the Bible says about animals and what Christian philosophers mused about the subject. 

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