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Fuzzy Logics

The Fuzzy Logic books walk readers through learning how to think like a veterinarian.

Learn critical thinking skills as you work through interactive cases by choosing tests, making diagnoses, and picking a treatment plan. Go through real animal cases – complete with X-rays, bloodwork panels, and more – then choose tests, make diagnoses, and pick a treatment plan.

The real work of a veterinarian is also a lot like the work of a detective. It involves reasoning through case mysteries based on observations and uses clues gathered from tests to find a solution and fix a problem. Work through these interactive cases and learn critical thinking skills involving inductive and deductive logic.

Fuzzy Logic: Think Like a Veterinarian is my book for those interested in veterinary studies, mysteries, and logic. Included are real animal cases like I see at the vet clinic, combined with logic methods. Keep your eye on the pet owners for a mystery involving some of them. By the end of this workbook you will be familiar with basic veterinary medicine and terminology.

Fuzzy Logic 2: How to Keep Thinking Like a Veterinarian. Book 2 contains 12 brand new cases for pets and their owners.