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A Lesson from My Baby

A new baby named Knox has come to live among my family, and his grinning eyes have taught me a valuable lesson. As I lay exhausted but sleepless after a long night shift, looking for a moment’s peace, my mind turns up to the one Source of peace that’s never let me down. And I realize that gazing on Jesus, my heart feels very much like little Knox’s face looks when he gazes at his mommy and daddy.

Have you held a baby and experienced their fixated gaze? Knox will be in our arms cooing (or growling) and suddenly lock eyes and just get this big ol’ smile spreading over his face. He has a weirdly magical fixation in those moments that demands our attention as much as it communicates the adoration he seems to feel toward us.

 I suspect that’s the way our souls are meant to look on our Heavenly Father. We were made to gaze with a mixture of contentment and fascination at our glorious Savior. In quiet moments to look on him and contemplate his glory and wonder hard enough to block out the rest of the worries and rush around us, deep enough to contain a single moment as if frozen in time.

In that act of contemplating our Father’s goodness, He restores our soul. He sheds from us our anxieties and lets rest flood us even in the midst of chaos. And if a look at Him through a veil now, in our mind’s eye, is so transformative, how much better will be a beautiful eternity of gazing in person upon His wonderful face!  

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