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The Advent That Changed it All

Is your heart broken?

Unto you is born this day: One who can mend it and make it greater, One who will some glorious day wipe away all the tears of His saint until your very worst sorrow is only a distant memory.

Do you feel choked by the strangling grip of guilt?

Unto you is born this day: One with the authority to wipe away forever your haunted past away with the mere words, “Your sins are forgiven.”

Is your body aging? Do you feel unsettled by the relentless tug of entropy?

Unto you is born this day:  One who brings indelible hope in a restored body and eternal life to come.

Do you feel suffocated by poverty?

Unto you is born this day: One who can quell the restless anxieties over your want, preach to your turbulent soul a contentment that defies the facts, and a tenacity to keep up the struggle.

Do you mourn over broken relationships? Do you linger in loneliness even in the middle of a crowded city?

Unto you is born this day: One who will be a friend closer than any brother could be, Who will stick by you wherever you go, no matter how uncool the rest of the world thinks you might be.   

Unto you is born this day: a Savior!

The astonishing, real-life miracle of the advent of the God-Man changes it all. Jesus Christ may not fix all of your problems: but He does turn them all on their head. He gives you a relentless joy that can be your strength through anything… ANYTHING. This has been proved irrevocably by the blood of millions of martyrs who sang their way to their deaths.

Be glad this Christmas! Be ferociously, irrevocably glad because you have every reason to be. But don’t stop after Christmas time. As a pagan symbol named Kris Kringle once said in a Hollywood movie (Proverbs 16:4) “Christmas isn’t just a day, it’s a frame of mind.”

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