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Cover Reveal for Fatal Fogs!

Fatal Fogs is almost here!! We are excited to show you this amazing cover for the book, which captures the feel, fun, and mystery of the story!

Fatal Fogs is book two of The Tangled Eons, sequel to Crescent Tides!

Someone is trying to murder Charles Dickens!

Or maybe someone already has…

There’s something strange and sinister afoot on the cobblestone streets of Victorian England. A modern artifact has found its way onto the desk of the inimitable writer Charles Dickens, altering history in terrible ways. To add to the conundrum are hints of hidden treasure and ghost sightings – are they distractions or clues? Could any of it be related to new leads found in a moldering cold case in the future?

Follow Dr. Calvin Schmitt and his team through the smog-choked streets and moonlit rooftops of Victorian London as they investigate mysteries and attempt to save the timeline. But the clock is ticking: lives are at stake and nothing is as it seems.


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