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Sallust map for The Mubblefubbles

Tonight I made an example of a Sallust map to illustrate my newest project The Mubblefubbles, which traces the misadventures of a pair of 13th century dragon-slaying bards. I’ve built this map by modifying the original map found in Gaius Sallustius Crispus’ De bello Jugurthino, a book about Rome’s war with Jurgurtha and Numidia. This type of map accompanied medieval translations of Sallust’s work and eventually came to bear his name. It is a more elaborate form of a “T-O map” common in medieval geographical works. T-O maps would divide the world into three sections: Asia always on top, Europe on the bottom left, and Africa on the bottom right. The Don River and the Nile River separate the continents, and an encircling ocean would be drawn around the whole thing. It’s likely Augustine had a T-O map in mind when he wrote his spiritual geographical work De Civitate Dei which I’m currently slogging through. It’s a pretty interesting read, actually. But back to the map, here you have it! A Sallust map to describe the travels of Theudebald and Alphonse de L’Fishe. You saw it here first. (Click on the picture to zoom in and inspect all the fine details.)


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