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Juvament! release: this week!

Get ready to relax your brain cells on a none-to-serious comedic romp through the fictitious land of Beorcholt, which has nestled obscurely outside the pages of 13th century English history until now. In just two days (with Amazon cooperation), you’ll be able to laugh at the misadventures of a small, hairy fellow named Esmond, as he struggles through the perplexities of fatherhood in a culture of misopedic trolls and elves and other folks. December 13th┬áis the target date for the release of Juvament!, in honor of Tyndall, who was an inspiration for much of this story and who will be turning 3 the same day. It also may be convenient for you folks still looking for a fun Christmas present for someone you love… Anyone you love… Your husband, your teenager, your two-year-old… We don’t mind who you get it for!


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