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Juvament! Now available!

After years of strenuous authoring, punctuated by fits of giggling, and occasional moments of despair at the monumental task of making some kind of coherent plot out of all the weirdness…

I am thrilled to present to you today…


A novel born of an unexpected marriage between Lord of the Rings, Right-Ho Jeeves, and Frandson’s Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals… Juvament! just may well change the game of geeky homeschool fantasy readers forever.

Buy it today for everyone you can think of, on Kindle or in softcover (with glorious illustrations by the author)!

BUT WAIT, there’s more! Amazon is considerately currently running a $5 off $15 hard copy book purchase! Enter the code BOOKGIFT17 at checkout and get $5 off Juvament! Don’t delay, this expires tomorrow night (14th).

PLUS, all in time for Christmas! How about that?


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