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Prologue to “King”

Lord Christ,

You are our King forever, glorious in majesty, enthroned in heaven with the clouds as your footstool. You are beautiful and good and just and omnipotent. You love us with perfect love and died, were buried, and rose to conquer hell and death for us. Thank You!

Oh Lord, how can my feeble brain, dull soul, and listless mouth even start to describe the vastness of Your glorious kingship, much less imitate it? I beg here for your help, for a glimpse of Your glory. Let my meditations on Your kingship make me fall in love with You even more. Change me as I learn of Your kingship, to be a fuller image of Your glory. Guard me from writing anything false, and let my words ring true and effective. May what I write here, O Jesus, magnify You in the eyes of those who read, and goad their lives to radical, kingly obedience in their imitation of You. Increase Yourself, O Lord, in the eyes of many by the words on these pages.


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