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Kid Art Showcase

It’s been a wonderful and humbling experience going through Chivary: A Study for Little Knights with my oldest two girls! As a budding author, I’m kind of amazed they actually like it enough to ask me to read it again and again. We’re almost done with the book (started the Eight Commandment of Chivalry today), all three of us are having fun, and I pray they are learning from it as well.

In each chapter there are suggestions for pictures to draw, which helps keep them interested. Today, I thought I’d share some of the awesome pictures Geneva (age 7) and Catharina (age 5) have drawn from this study so far (after asking permission from the artists to post them, of course). Looks like we have some budding artists in our family!

Lady Asceline with a falcon by Geneva
Lady Asceline and her falcon by Catharina
Guibert and his toad-buddy Zwane riding in an ox-cart by Geneva
A squire being knighted by Geneva
Sir Ratramnus the goat-knight by Geneva
Our Family by Catharina
Our Family by Geneva
A boar hunt by Geneva
A brave knight refusing to recoil before his enemy by Catharina
A dragon by Geneva
A shirtless barbarian by Catharina
A shirtless barbarian by Geneva
A pig roasting on a spit by Catharina
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