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Gone are the days

“But it’s so hard, you know
To believe on your own
That you’ll be okay
When sorrow keeps chasing me down”

There is a good thing about being an “artistic soul” who feels acutely the stark fallenness of this world filled with death and heartache and who sometimes weeps with the intensity of the beauty that pierces through it. There’s a good thing about being prone to knotting up inside with worry and anxiety over dozens of things that don’t need to be worried about. Those feelings contrast so vividly with the great hope of that day when we will never cry again. Our spirit will soar someday!

“One day, when sorrows are gone
Further down and along
We’ll finally sing.”

Someday, people, someday… There will be nothing left but happiness for us! And all the sorrow, all the death, and all the misery we ever felt will be just a bad dream. We will rejoice in the presence of our amazing Savior, and the people we love, forever. That day will be a good, good day!

“We’ll sing
Gone are the days
When we cry.”

Hoping in that day gives me perspective in the face of my own anxieties and sadness in this world.

“Finally, all is right
Only love and light
Finally, all is right”

(The Gray Havens is one of my favorite bands. Give them a listen!)

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