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Ye Grande Celebration of Snakymas Day and Adam’s Eve 2018

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year! Time to celebrate Adam’s Eve and Snakymas Day , the holiday preceding Thanksgiving and Christmas! A time-honored and cherished tradition! (Well, at least since last year…)

What better than to celebrate a made-up holiday from my own book? I even convinced some of my kids it was a real holiday. But made up or not, we had fun acting silly and making (and eating!) many apple dishes.

Here’s a look into our couple days of random celebration.

(A more in-depth look at the holiday.)

(Those of you reading via email may want to open this on the blog, since we have a lot of pictures today.)

Ye Seconde Friday and Seconde Saturday of Novembryant—Snakeymas Day and Adam’s Eve

“Erecting ye traditional Tower of Bricks and decorations”

“Happy children begin doffing disguises of manye sortes”

“Ye merry familye holds traditional tarantella dance around Tower of Bricks”

“Ye Mother cooketh apple dishes (of such varietye as pies, tarts, soups, etc)

“Ye traditional Feast!”


“Ye father and ye facetious children take them all the apples in the house and hide them in the house of their neybors, and that right sneakily”

Running from the scene

“Ye traditional Adam’s Eventide booke exchange”

Brought books for credit to get new ones at our favorite used bookstore!

“The bushyman cometh”

Ho, the bushyman cometh!

And of course there must be lots of apple food pictures…

Juvament! There you have it! A look into our lives on that mighty and merrye celebration of ye ol’ Adam’s Eve!

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