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Dr. Seuss and TULIP

For some reason, this time in my life finds me reading a lot of kid’s picture books. So here’s my stab at explaining the TULIP of Reformed Theology as Dr. Seuss might have done, had he been a doctor of theology instead of…whatever he was a doctor of…







Bad, bad, we’re all born bad.

Corrupt in every part we’ve had.

The fall of man sure makes me mad,

That made sin a fad for each dad’s lad.


Mrs. Black has naught to boast.

Her works all leave her dry as toast.

But do not fret, the Holy Ghost,

Chose her for the elected host.


Thin, thin, the path is thin,

And few are they who walk therein.

They are the only ones whose sin,

Was laid on Christ when he won for men.


Mrs. Black has changed her name.

Because of grace, she’s not the same.

She would not, could not, run, but came.

Here, Christ’s fame, gone the lame dame’s shame.







Mrs. Black’s now Mrs. White.

She’ll stay that way all day and night.

Her God will keep her in the light.

Through life’s knight fight to Brightest height.

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