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(Categories: Chivalry, History, Veterinary, Homeschool living/encouragement, Extracurricular, and Children’s tracks)


The Decline of Chivalry. How did we get from the strong chivalric code of knights to the vaguely polite rules we think of as chivalry today? This talk explores the dramatic changes in chivalric ideals through different eras of history, from King Arthur’s court to the Victorians to the 1950s to Today. Plus a Q&A!

Knighthood Starts at Home! Start your family’s rediscovery of the incredible lost art of Chivalry, invented to teach manly endurance and sacrificial love. Discover how intentional teaching of the code of Chivalry can help transform your children into stronger Christians and more reliable adults. We’ll learn about Leon Gautier’s condensing of Christian Chivalry into “10 commandments,” explore how they still apply today, and discover practical ways to teach them to homeschool students. AUDIO SAMPLE

Chivalry: Going Beyond the Open Door. So much more than acting politely, Christian chivalry was invented to teach manly endurance and sacrificial love. In this workshop, we’ll examine the rich historical roots of the timeless code of chivalry, starting at its inception in the Middle Ages. We’ll discuss a summary of historic, medieval chivalry, encapsulated in 10 useful commandments that the world desperately needs to see again today.

Hearts on Fire: What We Can Learn from Medieval Chivalric Writings. In this presentation learn of two medieval churchmen whose lives and works influenced the development of Christian knighthood: Spanish theologian and missionary Ramon Llull, and abbot and hymn writer Bernard of Clairvaux. As we learn about these men and their cultural settings, we’ll examine applications of their teachings that can impact our family today.   AUDIO SAMPLE


Endurance: Inspiration from Historical Heroes. Come learn the stories of fascinating historical figures who pushed through hardships to accomplish good things. We’ll look at several historical heroes who refused to give up, to help motivate us to persevere through common difficulties of homeschooling. We’ll discuss specific challenges homeschoolers today face, and encourage each other to push through them by looking at stubborn lives in the past.

One Million Tales of Adventure: Tips for Making History Interesting. This workshop will discuss tips for making history fun for your homeschool student – and you too! Catch a passion for history and discover ways to make it part of your family life. We’ll explore many practicalities of studying history and introduce a smorgasbord of resources you can use. AUDIO SAMPLE

Viking Christianity. How did the Vikings come to Christ? This talk will explore a little-known side of history: the conversion of the Nordic countries during the Middle Ages. Marvel at God’s works in an ancient time, and find inspiration in the bravery of men and women devoted enough to bringing the Gospel to a terrifying people during a chaotic age. AUDIO SAMPLE

Misunderstanding the Crusades—a Taboo Topic in Worldview Studies. The crusades are as epic and adventurous a story as they are a controversial one. And they can be a daunting part of history to teach. But they are also an increasingly vital and overlooked area of apologetics that Christian students need to understand. In this talk, we will review the major events during the crusades, examine and critique popular theories of crusader motivations among today’s historians, and learn how to recognize common fallacies about this astonishing period your homeschool student will encounter. AUDIO SAMPLE

The Battle of Lepanto. This landmark naval conflict between the Ottoman Turks and a league of Christian nations was a turning point in history. Miguel Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) took part, and G. K. Chesterton immortalized it in an epic poem. Learn about the Battle of Lepanto and the 16th century world it shaped. Discover the impact of this nearly forgotten battle on the flow of history to our day, from the author of Crescent Tides, a thrilling time travel adventure about Lepanto. AUDIO SAMPLE


Christians and Veterinary Medicine. Discover the fascinating history of how Christians impacted veterinary medicine, from many of its founders to influential others in the general medical field. We will also explore some of the many ways Christian theology and philosophy speak to animal health and welfare and consider how the Bible’s perspective on animal life can bring light to animal confusion rife in our culture today. A Q&A session will follow.

So, You Want to Be a Veterinarian? Many families have a child who wants to be a veterinarian, but few are aware of the landmines that litter the field today. This workshop (by a homeschooled, practicing veterinarian) will examine some difficulties you can expect during vet school and after graduation. We’ll also look at some of the positive aspects of being a veterinarian and discuss practical tips for applying to and surviving vet school, followed by a Q&A session. AUDIO SAMPLE

Fuzzy Logic: the Workshop! Punctuate your conference day with one-of-a-kind fun: think like the veterinarian and solve cases! Just like your favorite literary detectives, veterinarians use a specific set of logical steps to think through perplexing cases and make a diagnosis for their mute patients. We’ll work our way through multiple cases, laughing along the way, and practicing how to reason with differential lists to save lives. It’s the perfect session for your prospective veterinarian, or anyone interested in medicine!

HOMESCHOOL Living/Encouragement

Journey from Homeschool Student to Homeschool Dad… Here you will hear harrowing tales of an optimistic homeschool dad. Aaron was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school, survived college and Veterinary school, and is now helping teach his own six homeschoolers! In this workshop, he’ll share some of the challenges of his homeschool journey, as well as encouraging observations about the benefits of homeschooling, and tips he’s learned with his own brood along the way.

Homeschooling for Short Folk. Calling all geeks! Explore homeschooling like never before, through the culture of dwarves, hobbits, fairies, and elves. In this fun survey of the literary world of these short folk (from Tolkien to Irish mythology), you’ll find a surprising trove of advice on raising your children. Expect some literary history, plenty of ridiculous parody, and lots of inspiration!

Be Mediocre! The Art of Getting By in Your Homeschool. In this unique de-motivational workshop, we’ll ask the hard questions such as, “Why stress about being a superhero parent when you can just be a hero parent?” Most of us don’t run a homeschool that would look good on Instagram… But the big secret is that’s OK! We’ll talk about the beauties of “aspiring to a quiet life” and will re-examine what’s really important in our families and homeschools so we can get by effectively.


I’m Bored! A very practical talk on many different ways to keep children (young children especially) distracted with things to do. Discover ideas for different personalities (parent and child) and parenting styles – and also times when it’s OK to keep your kids bored.


Animal Anatomy for Children. In this class, your students will learn about the basic anatomy of major animal species. Come and be inspired by the marvelous designs of our creator, whose intricate designs are varied along beautiful themes we see in comparative anatomy. We’ll have a lot of fun too, going through quizzes and winning prizes. 

Fuzzy Logic: the Workshop! For youngsters: think like the veterinarian and solve cases! Just like your favorite literary detectives, veterinarians use a specific set of logical steps to think through perplexing cases and make a diagnosis for their mute patients. We’ll work our way through multiple cases, laughing along the way, and practicing how to reason with differential lists to save lives. It’s the perfect session for your prospective veterinarian, or anyone interested in medicine!

Authentic Medieval Code of Christian Servanthood. What code did real knights follow? Chivalry has declined in recent years, coming to mean something very different. Learn about the original form of Medieval Chivalry and discover how it can change your life! During this presentation, you will encounter tales of several real knights and learn the codes they followed from the Ten Commandments of Chivalry (found here). To add to the adventure, we will show off some armor and weapons of a medieval knight, teach basic guards with a medieval long sword, give you a chance to prove your martial skills with a padded blade, and learn a chivalry song! Aaron is a master storyteller who presents in character and costume.

Writing a Story and the Next Steps. A track for middle school and/or high school students. Tips for writing the book you’ve always wanted to start or complete, plus ideas for taking the story to the next level.  You’ll get helpful information on the post-writing process, including editing and publishing. You don’t have to be an adult to share your story with the world – or create a real book for your family and friends!

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