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“Aaron makes history come alive. He is fun and entertaining. My son loved Aaron’s knight costume, and Heaps of Hobs is his new favorite book. We read it every night for a week.”
-Debbie Lawrence, author of Gods Design Science curriculums

“Aaron Gruben is one of my favorite people. Not only does he know a lot from years of study and reflection, but he delights in bringing it to life for others. For instance, ask Aaron about chivalry and the Middle Ages – and stand back!”
-Reverend Bill Lovell

“Mr. Gruben has a passion for history and the many educational opportunities it provides.”
-El Paso Homeschool Association

Just a few Reader Endorsements of Aaron’s books:

The Mubblefubbles: “My 8 and 10 year old boys love this book. They were rolling on the floor with laughter in some parts, and has advanced their vocabulary and grown their interest in history.”

Chivalry School Study: “This study spurred a lot of really great conversations and sparked something in the hearts of my sons to steer them toward what is noble and good.”

Crescent Tides: “Wow. Just wow. … Definitely worth the read for any conservative Christian who loves history!”
“I don’t say this often, but I’m saying it now: this book has made my top ten favorite books ever list. J. Aaron Gruben amazed and delighted me with his masterful blend of historical fiction and scifi. The cultural details were vivid, the characters diverse, and the emotional impact powerful. Probably my favorite aspect of Crescent Tides, however, was that Gruben deals with philosophical, religious, and political topics between the modern era and medieval times, and he does it in a way that it really flows right out of the story itself.”

King Bible Study: “I love reading about history and thus I felt this was a great book for me. The author does an excellent job with opening up each chapter with a true historical account of a past king and then relating the story to a character of kingship that all believers should incorporate into their lives. I feel the reader will either be convicted, comforted or just better informed about many kingly traits. I personally felt convicted about the area of courage and if I’m really as brave for Jesus like others have been in the past.”
“Outstanding historical research coupled with timeless Biblical principles. This is a must have for every library.”