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Medieval Muddles

MEdieval Muddles(1)

The Medieval Muddles series can best be described as comedic medieval fantasy. They are set in the real medieval world of the 1200s, with the addition of the country of Beorcholt, a land of fantastical creatures long lost to our time today.

While set in the same world, with a couple of minor characters crossing over, these books are completely stand-alone. They are general fiction, great for readers young to old – The Mubblefubbles is best for younger readers.

Juvament!: A Mythical Mess: History reimagined… A comedic fantasy that crosses a forgotten country, a cuddly baby thrust on a befuddled circus performer, mobster insurance trolls, and an occasional monstrous, mythical monster…

The Mubblefubbles: A Toothy Tangle. Join two troubadours turned dragon slayers on a zany medieval romp in 13th century France to the Mediterranean as they fight pirates, save princesses, and foil a plot to take over the world as they know it.

The books also feature the dubious yet strangely hilarious illustrations drawn by the author.