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History reimagined!

A comedic fantasy tale...

One of high adventure you can never forget…no matter how hard you try.

Beorcholt, land of mything links, is not only a home for menfolk. It is a land of talking boars, marsh-hobs, and elves. It is a country of trolls and the occasional dragon. It is an abode for monsters previously thought to stomp exclusively through the pages of mythology. And it is the home of the most mysterious and ravenous, enchanting and frequently terrifying, beast of them all…the toddler.

Crack open these pages if you dare, to find within the antics of a baby with the astonishing superpower to send a man spinning out of his settled orbit around a reasonably comfortable life, and into an epic trek across ancient lands. Read the forgotten wars of a country torn apart by mountain brutes and civil war, health insurance monopolies and secret society passwords that were too long. Peruse with astonishment the deeds of heroes long lost in the pages of Father Time—who was too embarrassed to let anyone read about them until now.

But you just might find between this cover enough adventure, humor, witticism, and heart throbs to prove Father Time wrong, and make the hours you spent reading it worthwhile hours indeed.

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