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Side Effects of the Incarnation

“The greatest tragedy of the Christmas holiday each year is not so much its commercialization (gross as that is), but its trivialization. How tragic it is that people have forgotten Him to whom they owe so very much.” –Dr. D. James Kennedy

At this joyful time of year (though it is more than fitting at any time of year) we are more sensitive than at other seasons to the wonder and mystery of the glorious incarnation of Christ. From the eternal viewpoint we, as Christians, especially rejoice that God came to earth to save our souls: to make our dead hearts alive and win us certain eternity in Heaven. There is no better news than that.
Does the non-believer have a reason to be glad for the incarnation as well? Certainly he does! And that is because the good news does not stop with our spiritual salvation. A person touched by the incarnate God is a person changed for the better. Because of the example and words of his Savior incarnate, a Christian man or woman ought to be the most compassionate, wisest, kindest, most just, most industrious, most inquisitive, most helpful person society can point to. Granted, because Christians still retain “the old man” within them, this has not always been the case. But often it comes close.
Christ coming down to earth changed everything, and history is heavy with examples of the good deeds wrought as either a direct result or a side effect of His coming and work. We’re prone to see past the good works wrought in this world because of Christ’s birth, often because we’re morbidly preoccupied in reporting the all too prevalent bad deeds of people.

But in these days leading up to Christmas I invite you to contemplate with me some of the good works and wonderful blessings to mankind that have resulted from Christ’s appearance among us. To that end, I will post of a series of short notes on some real world events that are a “side effect” of Jesus’ birth. Many of these examples will come from a fantastic book I’m working my way through called What if Jesus Had Never Been Born by the late D. James Kennedy. 

A few more reasons you should think of the birth of Christ as tidings of great comfort joy!

San Martino Church, Pisa – Frescos found during church restoration, by Giovanni di Nicola, XIII cent. 
(left: Jesus Birth; right: Adoration of the Magi)
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  1. Thanks! I'm excited to think and write about them

  2. Deborah McCleary Deborah McCleary

    Wonderful! This is good remembrance of God’s blessings to us and the whole world. Perfect time to contemplate more on the Gift and the gifts He has bestowed upon us! Thank you for sharing.

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